Listed below are links to archives from the old website as well as other sources
that we highly recommend for anyone doing research.

Archives (Records and Documents)

First Families of Polk County Certificate Program


Offsite links of interest

The Blue Ridge Highlander - An article about the historical influences on geography in Polk County.

Burra Burra Mine - A museum dedicated to the mining history of the Ducktown - Basin area.

Ocoee Country - Polk County Chamber of Commerce

P. O. Box 129, Benton, TN 37307
The Polk County News continues to serve Polk County. A complete list of back articles available on communities and families in Polk County is now available online at . Copies of all resources are available, and can be purchased online or by mail (send a self addressed stamped envelope). Please note that the newspaper's staff is in no position to do any searching for information.

The PCHGS Facebook Page (historic photographs)

Find A Grave (Highly recommended)

Polk County's TNGenWeb Resource Page

Polk County Tennessee Genealogy Forum