First Families of Polk County Certificate Program

The First Families Project of Polk County is an initiative by the Polk County Historical and Genealogical Society to pay tribute to our pioneer settlers. Anyone who has an ancestor(s) who lived in Polk County when it was formed in the fall of 1839 or organized in the Spring of 1840 - and can prove it - is eligible to become a member and receive the beautiful gold certificate suitable for framing. Each step in the line of descent must be proven by primary source records and all material submitted will become the property of PCHGS and placed in our files for the use other researchers. Please email Marian Presswood for details or click here for page one and here for page two of the application form.

Send your completed application and a check for $10 payable to the Polk County Historical Society to

PO Box 636
Benton, TN 37307