Polk County Bible Records

Bible Records
Abner Senter Moore Moody-Moyers-Bradford Headrick
John Moore Qualls Hampton
Dixon Arp Bell
Browder Rymer
Crox England

Thanks to Sarah Jo Moody Stinnett for  sharing some of her family Bible records with us. Related families include Moody, Moyers, Bradford, Pittman, Maples and Browder.  Sarah's late husband Raleigh Glen was a descendant of Riley and Meda Ball Stinnett, who were in the 1850 Polk County census, household # 377/381 (erroneously listed in the PCHGS publication  on page 33 as Hinnett.) Sarah is also related to Simon Browder, (1850 Polk County census  # 487/492) sometimes referred to as 'Polk's Richest Man".


The following information is from a Bible that was in the possession of Mrs. Beulah Nell Browder Bright who lived in Sweetwater, Tennessee in 1958.

Father:     Will E. Browder born  January 26, 1870
Mother:    Martha A. Fite born July 11, 1869
Children:  Lela Bell born March 28, 1892 (died August 22, 1910)
Beulah Nell born March 28, 1892
Thomas Clifford May 18, 1894 (died February 14, 1937)
Maud Ella, May 11, 1896
Nettie Elizabeth, July 23, 1900
Annie Lynn, September 22, 1902
Mable Emma, July 25, 1905  (married Thomas Langley, has son Kenneth)
Clyde Henderson, May 20, 1908
Clarence William, May 20, 1908
Neal Davis, March 15, 1911

Moody - Moyers - Bradford

Edith Moody and Lake Hayes married June 7, 1934.  Edith was born July 23, 1909 and died  May 3, 1936.
R. G. Moody and Laura J. Moyer was married September 22, 1901.  R. G. was born September 25, 1878 and died September 6, 1928.
Elsie Mae Moody was borned January 27, 1903
George Otis Moody was born July 20, 1905 (married May 24, 1927 to Willie Mae)
Edith Estell Moody was born July 23, 1909
Dwight L. Moody was born June 3, 1916
Mrs. W. T. Moody died March 8, 1932
Edith Moody Hayes died May 3, 1936


Rufus Godwin Moody was born 1878
George A. Moyers was born May 29, 1845
Louisa Jane Moyers was born September 21, 1851
Effie L. Moyers was borned October 2, 1977
William Tate Moyers was borned  April 29, 1880
Laura Jane Moyers was borned September 5, 1882
George David Moyers was borned May 7, 1886
Benjamin H. Moyers was borned January 15, 1889
Nettie Cassandra Moyers was borned November 1, 1893
Louisa Moyers died January 13, 1909
George A. Moyers died July 28, 1910
Dwight L Moody died November 17, 1917
William Tate Moyers died October 28, 1923


Jane Bradford was born September 2nd, 1781
Samuel L. Bradford was born June the 21st, 1803
Thomas M. Bradford was born December 3rd,1804
David Bradford was born July 21, 1806
Mary Bradford was born April 9th, 1808
Jane Bradford was born November 3, 1810
Eliza Bradford was born June 9th  1812
James Bradford was born March 9th 1814
George Bradford was born February the 12th 1816
Susanah Bradford was born December 26th 1818
Robert F. Bradford was born May 10th 1820
Elam Bradford was born February 3, 182(1) (?)
Margaret Elizabeth Bradford was born May 27th 1824

Bible Records of John Moore

The first entry states that "John and Catherine Moore, wife of John Moore, joined the BaptistChurch November 1852.

John Moore was born January 4, 1824 in Macon County, NC
Catherine (Watson) Moore was born October 4, 1826 in Haywood, NC
Francis E. Moore, daughter of John Moore was born April 5, 1847 in Cherokee, NC
A. S. Moore was born November 17, 1848 in Macon County, NC
Anna A. Moore was born September 6, 1850 in Murray County, GA
Isaac T. Moore was born August 30, 1852 in Cherokee County, NC
N. W. Moore was born December 28, 1854 in Jackson County, NC
George Mericus Moore was born October 20, 1856 at 1 o'clock in Cherokee, NC
John Ellis Moore was born September 16, 1858 at 5 o'clock a.m. Thursday in Fannin Co. GA
Martha Jane Moore was born February 19, 1861 at 10 o'clock Tuesday evening Fannin Co. GA
Leander Thomas Moore was born May 3, 1863 Sunday morning at 1 o'clock in Fannin Co., GA
Mary Caroline Moore was born April 20, 1866 Friday evening at 5 o'clock in Fannin Co., GA
Ulyes Grant Moore was born November 2, 1868 Monday morning in Fannin Co., GA
Anna E. Moore was born June 25, 1893, the daughter of J. P. Moore
Abner S. Moore was born July 10, 1801
Anna Moore, the wife of Abner S. was born October 4, 1800
Thomas Franklin Mathis was born March 4, 1867
Lillean J. Valee Creasman was born May the 23, 1871
Catherine L. Moore was born September 3, 1875
Martha Isobel Moore was born July 24, 1881
Mary J. Moore was born August 11, 1884
Lillaunn Moore was bornAugust 7, 1886
Harriett Moore was born August 8, 1888
Behel Arthur was born April 4, 1902 Friday morning 8 o'clock in Polk County TN
Mary Katherine Arthur was born September 27, 1897 at 1 o'clock on Wednesday


John Moore and Catherine Watson was married January 18, 1846 by Esq. Clayborn in Cherokee County NC on Sunday.
David Mathis and Francis E. Moore was married April 8, 1866 on Sunday by Esq. L. D. Vaughn.
W. S. Arthur and Martha Jane Moore was married March 7, 1887.


George Mericus Moore died October 14, 1861
Anna A. Creasman died June 3, 1871
Lilleye Ann Creasman died November 6, 1871
Fanny Watson died August 13, 1876
Catherine L. Moore died August 31, 1880
George Watson died December 7, 1872
Isaac Taylor Moore died November 4, 1888
Abner S. Moore died August 16, 1884 in Cocke County, TN
Anna Moore, wife of Abner Moore, died October 1877 in Towns Co., GA
Anna Elmina Moore, daughter of J. P. Moore died July 30, 1894
Catie Moore, wife of John Moore, died July 2, 1899
John Moore died July 16, 1900 in Polk County on Monday evening 6 o'clock
Mary C. Moore died October 17, 1903
Ulyes Moore died August 1932 in Murray County, GA

Bible Records of Abner S. Moore

Abner S. Moore and Martha Ann  Cockran Moore lived most of their adult lives in Polk County, Tennessee. They are buried at the Cumberland Shed Cemetery south of Ocoee, TN.

Margret Cathern Moore was born April the 3, 1870
John Pinkney Moore was born April the 1, 1872
Daniel Mc Moore was born April the 17, 1874
Ida Cordelia Moore was born Jan. the 22, 1877
Lousina Augusta Moore was born September the 15, 1879
Lea Jane Moore was born March the 8, 1882
Ethel Theodotia Moore was born September 27, 1883
Elen May Moore was born June 25, 1886
Florida Lurania Moore was born September 24, 1888
Frances Gertrude Moore was born April the 1, 1891
James A. Garfield Moore was born December the 23, 1893
Newton Dewey Moore was born A.D. Dec. the 2nd 1898


Abner S. Moore married Martha A. Cockran on March 14, 1869 at the home of J. P.  Cockran. The ceremony was performed by H. H. Galaway N. P., J. P., and was witnessed by V. W. Moore, brother to Abner and J. P. Cockran, father of Martha Ann Cockran.


Lea Jane Moore died October the 24, 1882
Ida Cordelia Moore died Oct. the 19, 1890
Newton Dewey Moore died September the 10th, 1899
Margaret Catherine Burnette died Jan. 20, 1908
Martha Ann Moore died May 4th 1913
Frances Gertrude Moore died Jan. 10, 1912
Abner Senter Moore died July 9, 1927
John P. Moore died Jan. 19, 1935
Ethel Theococia died Jan. 26, 1972

Qualls Family Bible
Submitted by Pam Qualls Thomas


Charlie Washington Qualls was born October 3, 1877
Mary Bell Qualls was born January 29, 1881
Philip Eligia Qualls was born December 10, 1897
Mary Kate Qualls was born March 8, 1900
William Taylor Qualls was born October 29th, 1902
Essie May Qualls was born May 4, 1905
Myrtle Efffie Qualls was born January 2, 1908
Nettie Etheleane Qualls was born October 29th, 1910
Franklin Aberham Qualls was born April 9, 1913
Annie Qualls was born February 3, 1916
Lola Anzelee Qualls was born December 25, 1918
F. P. Ogle Qualls was born June 5, 1922
Warn Elven Clemmer was born Ap . . .  (rest missing)
Shirley Qualls was born February 24, 1941


Charlie W. Qualls and Mary Bell Qualls was married January 10th, 1897
Mark Evans and Essie Qualls was married March 30th, 1919
Huse Clemmer and Kate Qualls was married 1921
Phillip E. Qualls and Toy Brown was married April 16, 1922
Earl Watson and Ethellean Qualls was married September 29th, 1928
Fred Clayton and Myrtle Qualls was married November 11, 1928
Mollie Qualls and Johnnie Clayton was married June 10th, 1934.


William Taylor Qualls died June 19th, 1904
Mary Kate Clemmer died July 17th, 1924
Warn Elven Clemmer died July 5, 1924
Mary Bell Qualls died November 1, 1973
J. P. Ogle Qualls died April 27, 1925
Charlie Qualls died August 28th, 1926
Frank A. Qualls died April 25, 1973
Myrtle Owens died March 8, 1975

Marriages of Polk County, TN by Viola Jones gives the following Qualls names and dates:

Some other marriages are given in the Billy Harrison oral history family records:

Willard Qualls, son of Nelson and Bell Jenkins Qualls, married Mayme Ellis
Eva Lee Qualls, daughter of Nelson and Bell Qualls, married George Crump.
Beeler Qualls, son of Nelson and Bell Qualls, married Ella Mae Harris
Geneva Qualls, daughter of Nelson & Bell, married Cleadis Norwood
Kate Qualls, daughter of Charlie and Bell Woody Qualls married Houston Clemmer
Anzalee, dau. of Charlie & Bell, married John Clayton; 2nd Lee Dunn; 3rd Frank Rogers
Frank Qualls, son of Charlie & Bell, married Frankie Burchfield; 2nd Pauline Burns
Qualls buried in Old Ocoee / Four Mile Cemetery, Benton TN

Qualls buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Benton, Tennessee


The following information is taken from a Bible found in a piece of  furniture purchased from a relative of the Dixon family.  The Bible has a 1943 copyright by the John A. Dickson Publishing Company.  The family pages have suffered water damage, rendering some unreadable.

Father:      W. C. Dixon, born June 20, 1858, passed on April 30, 1920.
Mother:     Lucinda Caroline Cook Dixon, born April 26, 1853, passed on January 26, 1929.
Brother:    Frank M. Dixon, born October 6, 1901, passed on March 6, 1935.
Sister:       Sally Ethel Dixon, born March 11, 1890, passed on September 21, 1956.
Daughter:  Lena Viola Martin, born April 28, 1917, passed on December  25, 1969.
Brother:     James Bartlie Dixon, born March 20, 1878, passed on September 19, 1946.
Sister:        Callie Dixon, born September 27, 1880, passed on April 28, 1968.
Sister:        Ladoskey Lora Dixon, born April 7, 1876, passed on July 29, 1958.
Brother:     Flavis Alexander Dixon, born March 30, 1892, passed on February 7, 1968.
Brother:     Frankie Marshel  Dixon, born October 6, 1901, passed on April 6, 1935.
Sister:        Mary Ann Dixon, bornApril 30, 1872 passed on September 10, 1945.
Brother:     Charlie C. Dixon, born November 28, 1874, passed on June 27, 1966.

( The following notations are on loose papers tucked in the Bible.)

Bettie Jane Dickson, born December 9, 1883
William W. Dickson, born October 26, 1885
Iva  Larl Dickson, born November 6, 1887
Barbra Delta Dickson, born November 8, 1891
William Taylor Martin, born November 4, 1935
Reba Lee Martin, born July 21, 1915
Reba Lee Rice passed away August 9th, 1966.
C.L. Rice passed away August 7, 1968

From an obituary clipping: Clifford Lewis Rice, 34, died at his home near Benton.  He was  associated with his father in the operation of East View Garage near Ocoee.  He is survived by his wife, Peggy Parks Rice of Benton; a daughter, Pamela Rice; sister, Mrs. Augustine Keith; maternal grandmother, Mrs Delton Martin; paternal grandfather, C.C. Rice and two nieces.

Another obituary clipping:  Mrs. Nancy Jane Rice, age 74,  passed away Friday  afternoon following an illness of several weeks.  Survivors include her husband, Clifford C. Rice, one daughter, Elizabeth Ash, three sons, Ronald, J.L. and August Rice; five sisters, Mrs Frank Bain, Mrs Ernest Goodner, Mrs Charles Rymer, Mrs Luther Snyder, Mrs. C.M. Dunn; three brothers, John, Ed, and Kenneth Howard.

ARP Family Bible Records

   We do apologize for not knowing who owned the Arp family Bible nor any other information about where the records came from, but they appear to be copies directly from a family Bible. We suspect they were part of the Grayson Newman collection of genealogical papers kindly donated to PCHGS by his sister, Lydia Kilpatrick.  Names are spelled here just as on the original.


James A. Arp was borned July 8th, 1825
Mary Ann Emaline Grayson was borned February 9th, 1830
Benjamin C. Arp was borned April 21st, 1847
Nancy Malisa Arp was borned October 12th, 1849
Mary Catherine Arp was borned September 12th, 1854
Annis Alvira Arp was borned March 29th 1856
Martha Ann Arp was borned January 1st, 1859
Lurena Cordelia Arp was borned October 3rd, 1861
Harriett S. Arp was borned March 6th, 1863
William Thomas Arp was borned March 26th, 1865
James Hesekiah Arp was borned April 28th, 1867
Alice Caledonia Arp was borned February 27th, 1869
Albert Burton Arp was borned February 17th, 1872
(Handwriting changes.)
Ida Arp was borned April 17, 1882
Emma Arp was borned August 16, 1902
James Haden Arp was borned September 2?, 1903
Clyde Arp was borned September 28, 1905
Grace Arp was borned August 24, 1907
Pauline Arp was borned July 22, 1909
Charles Ed Arp was bornd May 1, 1914
Claude Arp was borned July 17, 1917 (?)
Bonnie Arp was borned
Ray Arp was borned May 11, 192?


James A. Arp and Mary Ann Emmeline Grayson were married February 11, 1845
Albert Burton and Ida Deweese were married 1901

Rymer Bible Records

Taken from an 1855 Bible published in New York by the American Bible Society and shared by Jimmie Faye Wilson, 1832 Evergreen Dr., West Palm Beach, FL, 37406-5231


James H. Rymer was bornd December 19, 1841
Roseanah Rymer was bornd may the first, 1840
Harvy H. Rymer was born January the first, 1865 (a second entry says January 4th, 1861)
Sereptha Jane Rymer was bornd July the 25, 1864
Robert Fidily Rymer was bornd October the 20, 1866
Rhoda Catherine Rymer was borned the 20th May, 1869
Lafayette Erwin Rymer was born October 8, 1875
James H. Rymer born December 19, 1840
Rose Ann Rymer born May 1, 1841
Harvey H. Rymer born January 4, 1861
Annivia Rebecca Rymer was born October 28, 1877
George Debord born on Sunday, November 15, 1795
Elizabeth Debord born August 18, 1806
William Rymer born on Wednesday, April 22, 1828
David T. Rymer born on Sunday December 18, 1829
John A. Rymer born on Sunday February 22, 1831
Mary M. Rymer born on Thursday, September 19, 1833
Jacob M. Rymer born on Saturday, April 14, 1838
James H. Rymer born on Saturday, December 19th, 1840
Rachel Ann Rymer born on Tuesday September 11, 1845


H. H. Rymer died May 23, 1896, age 35
James H. Rymer died February 16, 1908; age 67
Rose Ann Rymer died June 26, 1909; age 67
Robert F. Rymer died August 30, 1910; age 43
Nannie Gammon Rymer died June 25, 1914; age 33
Rhoda Catherine Rymer died March 16, 1933; age 64
Srepta Jane Rymer Howard died April 14, 1943
Annivia Rymer died September 21, 1955; age 77

(The following marriages are not taken from this Bible, but from an article submitted by William A. Wilson, Jr. in The Heritage of Polk County, TN 1839-1997 published by the Polk County Historical and Genealogical Society.)

James Henry Rymer married Rose Ann Kerr on November 18, 1860
Srepta Jane Rymer married George Washington Howard
Robert Fidily Rymer married Jane Bates
Rhoda Catherine Rymer married M. Bowen
Erwin Lafayette married 1st Nancy Ann Gammon; 2nd, Waneta Miller

Crox Family Bible Record

The Bible was published by Kimber and Sharpless, 51 North 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA. On a scrap of paper it says "printed by John Brown late of the Gospel at Haddington in Scotland."  The Eldridge information came from a loose sheet of paper and not directly from the Bible pages and appears to have been written by Susan Jane Eldridge Crox, wife of Henry A. Crox. Thanks to Patsy Crox Underhill for kindly sharing her Crox and related family information. You may contact her at <topatsy@crosslink.net>


John H. Eldridge was born March 1, 1816 in Roane Co., TN (father of Susan J.)
Martha M. Butler was born October 25, 1826, Knox Co. TN (wife of John H. Eldridge.)
Henry A. Crox was born August the 5th, 1836, Philadelphia, PA
Susan J. Eldridge was born December 2nd, 1844
Anna Crox was born December 31st, 1837
Caroline Crox was born the 15th day of October, 1843
Harry Worthington Jinkins (?) was born October 1st, 1861 at 7 o'clock in the evening
Clara Elizabeth Jiners was born April 2nd, 1864 at 9 o'clock in the evening
Elizabeth Senif was born on the 6th of November, 1861
Harry Senneff Jiner was born the 15th of December 1857 ten minutes of 6 in the evening
Laura V. Crox was born March 20th, 1866
William H. Crox was born November 29, 1868
Lizzie C. Crox was born July 15, 1871
John E. Crox was born the 8th of November 1879
Roger Henry Crox was born April 29th, 1875
Martha Eliza Crox was born November 2, 1877
Neina Eugenia Crox was born November 8th, 1879
Lady Novenia Crox was born November 22, 1881
Robert B. Crox was born July 22, 1885
Ella George Crox was born December 16, 1887
Benjamin F. Alford was born February 15, 1887 (grandson of H. A. Crox, Laura's son)
Mary Elizabeth Alford was born July 27, 1889
Martha Malinda Alford was born April 27, 1891
Nellie Eugenia Alford was born May 16, 1894
William R. Alford was born April 17, 1897
Robert Cannon Alford was born July 17, 1899
Walter Scott Alford was born November 29, 1901
Henry Alfred Alford was born March 22, 1904
George Washington Alford was born July 19, 1906
John James Alford was born February 26, 1912
Benjamin Eldridge was born March 3, 1792
John Eldridge was born March 1, 1816
Simon Eldridge was born July 19, 1820
James Eldridge was born August 28, 1823
Susan Eldridge was born December 4, 1827
Robert Benjamin Eldridge was born February 2, 1847
Simeon G. Eldridge was born May 4, 1849
Sarah Eldridge was born September 3, 1851

Anna Crox married George W. Siner (Jiner?) on the 21st day of March 1857
Henry A. Crox, of Philadelphia PA, married Susan J. Eldridge the 16th of Feb. 1864.
Miss Caroline Crox married October 19th, 1860 to Chen (Ben?) W. Selin of Readnor
Laura V. Crox married Charles F. Alford on March 7, 1886, both of Lenoir  City TN
William H. Crox married Miss Lou McClary on the 6th day of July, 1892
Roger H. Crox married Florence Fetzer of Fetzertown, TN Wednesday, Dec.19, 1894
Mattie Eliza Crox married Walter J. Gilbert of Athens, TN on January 5, 1898
Neina E. Crox married Thomas Hill of Charleston, TN on December 1, 1901
Lady N. Crox married Jesse Green of Tellico on November 22, 1904
Ella George Crox married on Aug. 16, 1908 to Louis F. Head
Note: Mr. Head is buried in the Benton, Tennessee Cemetery.  Ella, 'Dolly' was married 2nd  on October 10, 1916 to Clarence Haun  of Sweetwater, Tennessee.
Robert B. Crox married Nora Schultz on July 18, 1909
Benjamin Elridge married Martha Jackson (the Benjamin who was born 1792)
Robert Benjamin Eldridge married Margaret L. Bogart on March 18, 1869 (the 1847 Benjamin)
John Eldridge married Martha Butler January 25, 1844
Sarah Jane Eldridge married Solomon Nichols on September 19, 1872
Simeon G. Eldridge married Mary Burns on June 30th, 1872
Susan Eldridge married John Jones (the 1827 Susan)


Lizzie M. *Senif died May 21st, 1870, aged 8 years, 6 months, 15 days.
Harry Senniff Jiner died July 4, 1859, age 6 months, 16 days
John E. Crox died Nov. 23 1873 aged 16 day; buried at New Providence
John Crox died March 7, 1875, aged 78 years
Elizabeth M. Crox, died Friday, Oct. 29, 1886 at 9 o’clock a.m.; buried New Providence
Henry Alfred Crox died May 30, 1912, buried Benton Cemetery in Benton, Tennessee.
Robert Benjamin Crox was drown March 15, 1916; found Mar. 18th; buried Benton, TN
Susan J. Crox died May 4, 1928; buried Benton Cemetery
John H. Eldridge died October 9th, 1900; buried New Providence Church, Loudon, TN
Martha M. Butler Eldridge died the 8th of August 1901; buried New Providence Church Cem.
Eliza, wife of John Crox, died March 25th, 1897, age 95 (another place says 1892)
Benjamin  Eldridge died November 10th, 1867
Simeon G. Eldridge died December 27, 1903 (the one born 1849 and m. to Mary Burns)
Susan Eldridge died October 11, 1887 (the 1827 Susan)
Simeon Eldridge died June 13, 1844 (born 1820, never married)

Note from Patsy: There are proven dates in my Crox Family History in the Eldridge Family chapter. Benjamin is the son of Simeon Eldridge and John is the son of Benjamin. The younger Simeon was never married, but James was. Susan married John Jones and they moved to Texas as did the Nichols family. This is the connection to the family of Sam Rayburn, former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Editor's Note: We found the *Seneff surname on the Philadelphia, PA genealogy web site, <http://www.pa-roots.com/~philadelphia/> so since Henry A. Crox was born there this must be the correct name of the relatives listed here with variant spellings of Senif, Senniff, etc.

Bible Record of James William England
submitted by Mark Bennett
612 Trillium Circle, Maryville, TN 37804 <MrBnntt@aol.com>

This record came from the Bible of James William England's (Mark's 3rd great-grandfather).  His family came to Polk County prior to 1850. Mary England, born in North Carolina, appears on the 1860 Polk County Census, 7th District, as a 30 year old widow with children Sary, 11, Isaac, 9, and James, 7. She is living next door to her Young relatives, Elizabeth, 70, born VA; Betsey, 25, born NC; Harrison, 21, born NC; and Nancy, 23, born NC.


William James England (James William England's father), born December 13, 1829.
Mary Jane Young England (James William England's mother), born October 21, 1827.
Sarah Elizabeth England (James W. England's sister), born March 13, 1849.
Isaac M. England (James W. England's brother), born Oct 19, 1850.
James William England (self), born November 25, 1852.
Vilentia Gorda (Taylor) England (James W. England's wife), born September 12, 1859.
David C. England (James W. England's son), born July 15, 1884.
John M. England (James W. England's son), born May 5, 1886.
Sarah J. England (James W. England's daughter), born November 2, 1888.
William L. England (James W. England's son), born March 19, 1892.
Charles M. England (James W. England's son), born November 24, 1894.
Frank England (James W. England's son), born May 22, 1898.
James M. Young (James W. England's uncle), born May 10, 1833.
Jasper P. Burnett (James W. England's brother-in-law), born October 31, 1830.
Mary Estelle Burnett (James W. England's niece), born July 7, 1889.
Will C. Williams, born November 1, 1884.
Manean Burnett, born January 5, 1913.


William James England married Mary Jane Young on April 13, 1848.
James William England married Vilentia Gorda Taylor on April 12, 1885.
Sarah E. England married J.P. Burnett on September 25, 1888.
Estelle Burnett married Will C. Williams on May 20, 1917.


William James England died on August 10, 1852.
Mary Jane Young England died on April 27, 1885.
Isaac England died on August 25, 1900.
James William England died on May 23, 1938.
Gorda Taylor England died on April 27, 1904.
Frank England died on November 30, 1898.
Jasper P. Burnett died on February 5, 1904.

Bible Record of John Headrick Family
(From a Bible in possession of Louise Wilson in 1971.)

John Headrick was born January 10, 1836
Rebecca Ann Saltz was born January 20, 1844 (wife of John Headrick)

Parents of Rebecca Ann Saltz:
Alexander Saltz was born August 21, 1818
Pernety (Waters) Saltz was born October 17, 1814

Children of John and Rebecca Ann Saltz Headrick:
Manervia Jane Headrick was born October 29,1862
Nancy Catherine Headrick was born March 28, 1864
James Headrick was born December 25, 1866
Alexander Headrick was born December 10, 1868
Pernety Caroline Headrick was born December 29, 1870
Roseanna Headrick was born April 8, 1873
Rebecca Louise Headrick was born June 30,1875
John Henry Headrick was born July 28, 1877
George Washington Headrick was born February 14, 1880
Marion Clinton Headrick was born March 28, 1882
William Henry Headrick was born February 16, 1884
Samuel Clifford Headrick was born August 28, 1890
Crane Headrick was born 1894 (other source)

(The marriage information is from other sources and does not include dates.)
Nancy Catherine Headrick married Haskins Caldwell
James Headrick married Sallie Dunn
Alexander Headrick married Letitia Fry
Pernety Caroline Headrick married ___ Fork
Marion Clinton married Lizzie Martin May 30, 1907
William Henry married Blanche Spivey

*John Headrick died September 26, 1914
*Rebecca Ann Saltz died March 26, 1914
*James Headrick died December 4, 1937
(*taken from their grave markers in Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Tennga GA.)
Manervia Jane Headrick died June 8, 1908
Rebecca Louise Headrick died March13, 1883
Crane Headrick died June 16, 1894 (other records)
George Washington Headrick died December 3, 1892
Marion C. Headrick died March 2, 1944
William Henry Headrick died January 17, 1954

Bible Record of The Hampton Family

Original source unknown; from files at the Polk County Historical & Genealogical Society Library (Items in parentheses were found in other records.)

Births / Deaths:

James (Madison) Hampton born April 6, 1849 (Buncombe Co. NC); died November 11, 1926
Elizabeth (Malissa) Brown Hampton, born Jan. 16, 1853 (GA); died Dec. 28, 1935, (Polk Co.)
(Elizabeth's father was listed as Frank Brown on her death certificate; no father known.)
Robert 'Bob' Hampton born October 13, 1870; died 1956
(Joseph) Arvil Hampton born May 15, 1873, (Union County); died Oct. 1945, (Polk Co. age 72.)
Katherine Hampton, born October 14, 1876 NC; (Flossie Bates, age 19, b. NC died 1920, Polk Co.; dau. of Lafayette and Katie Hampton Bates.)
Margaret Hampton, born September 14, 1880; died September 16, 1958
*Ella Hampton, born February 25 (no year given); died April 1956
(James) Garfield Hampton, born 1883 (NC); died 1914 in Polk County, at age 33
Sarah Hampton, born 1885; died 1910
Florence Hampton, born 1891; died 1987
*(According to the 1930 Polk county Census, Ella would have been born around 1888 and thus the next to youngest child of James and Elizabeth. We placed her where she was in the above list we found in our files.)

Marriage Notes:

Robert married Alice Lefevers from North Carolina
Arvil married a Rominger from Cleveland
Kate married (Lafayette) Bates and a Craig. She is buried at Wetmore (maybe Delano?)
Margaret married a Hubbard from South Carolina
*Ella married (James Beaureguard 'Gard') Harper from Hall County, Georgia

There is a picture of James Addison and Margaret Hampton Hubbard in our files. She would be Ella's sister. There is also a picture of Ella's parents, James and Elizabeth Brown Hampton.