Polk County Towns and Communities

by: Marian Presswood

Like most rural areas in the South, Polk County was dotted with small communities, sometimes with not many more than half a dozen families. Some of the names of those tiny dots on the map are included in this list, as are some a bit larger. Many are long gone, but some are still known by their original names.

We've also included multi-named communities, such as the original Bayer's Settlement, which was also called the Dutch Settlement, and Vineland at different times. Delano was called Prendergast while the lumber company of that name was in operation there. The county seat of Benton was first called Bentonville. A few, such as Grace, Mug, and Chable, may not have been 'real' communities at all, but just names of the post office located there.

Alaculsey, Apalachia, Archville, Austral, Baker's Creek, Ball Play, Bayer's Settlement, Bell's Mill, Belltown, Bentonville, *Benton, Benton Springs, Benton Station, Bonnie, Boonesville, Broad Shoals, Buck's Pocket, Buzzard's Roost, Campbell's Cove, Campground, Caney Creek, Chable, Chanceytown, Chestuee, Columbus, Cookson Creek, Conasauga, Copeland, Copperhill, Delano, Dogtown, Ducktown, Dutch Settlement, Fairview, Farner, Fetzertown, Flintburg, Four Mile Stand, Gee Creek, Grace, Greasy Creek, Grassy Creek, Hambright, Harbuck, Heliotrope, Higdon's Store, Hiwassee, Horn's Creek, Hyatt, Isabella, Kimsey's Store, Kingsville, Lindsdale, Matlock Valley, Mary Mine, McCays, McFarland, Mug, Murphy Junction, Oak Grove, Ocoee, Old Fort, Parksville, Patty Station, Pelton, Pinhook, Pleasant Grove, Postelle, Probst, Prendergast, Raht's Chapel, Reliance, Rock Creek, Rymer, Sagetown, Sandhill, Servilla, Smith Creek, Springtown, Sylco, Tennga, Towee, Tumbling Creek, Turtletown, Welcome Valley, Willis Springs, Vineland, Wetmore, Zion Valley.