The Polk County Snyders - Sniders

We recently did a bit of Polk County research for a classmate, and thought we would share with our readers in case that happens to also be some of your folks. Back in the February 2004 PCHGS Quarterly we published some William C. and Callie Cook Dixon family research, but had no information on their daughter Ladosky Lenora at that time. As it turns out, Ladosky married John Calvin Snyder.

Ladoskey Lenora Dixon, the daughter of W. C. and Callie Cook Dixon was born April 7, 1876; died July 29, 1958. She married John Calvin Snyder, son of William R. and Elizabeth James Snyder.

According to the 1910 Census of Polk County, John Calvin, had been married before and he and Ladoska Lenora had been married 13 years (ca. 1897). 'Lora' as her family knew her, had borne 5 children by 1910 and all 5 were still living. They were Ora Gladys, born March 2, 1898, John A., Audrey L., D. R. and Adai L. These spellings may not be accurate, as the enumerators and transcribers were prone to error. Ora married Arthur Hayes on December 5, 1913 in Polk County TN and was the mother of L. E. Hayes, the classmate for whom we were doing the research. She died November 21, 1980 and is buried in Old Ocoee / Four Mile Cemetery.

According to the Polk County death records, John Calvin 'Cal' Snyder died in 1917 at the age of 42. The age doesn't quite jive with his age of 39 in the 1910 census, but it all depends on who gave the info to the enumerators. If Cal was out plowing and his wife gave the info she may not remember for sure just how old he was. Calvin is buried in Cumberland Shed Cemetery here in Polk County.

The parents of John Calvin Snyder, William R. and Elizabeth James Snyder, are in the 1880 Polk County Census with some of their children, Mary Jane who married James McCracken, Erby, John Calvin, Leander, Martha and Robert. Children still home in 1900 are Mattie C., born February 1876 (married J. K. Johnson), William Erby, born October 1868 (married Ollie Harmon), and James G., (James Robert Garfield.) born November 1878. The 1910 census says Elizabeth had borne 10 children with 8 still living at that time. (See William's will at the end of this article for more info on his children.)

In the above mentioned 1880 census, William and Elizabeth and the children are living in the same household (# 15, Third District), with James Gragg, age 53 and his wife Elisabeth, age 41, and their children Mary, 12; Sarah, 8; and Martha, 6. When Elizabeth Gregg died in Bradley County, TN in 1920, her parents are listed as John and 'Mrs.' Snyder (no age was given on the death certificate.) Also, when Sarah Jane Gregg, age 78, died in Bradley County in 1921 her father is named as John Snyder, no mother given.

Therefore, it appears that two of John Snyder's daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah Jane, married Gregg (Gragg) brothers, James and Marshall. If this is true, then William is living with his sister, Elizabeth, and the ages are exactly right as Elizabeth is three years older than William. Bradley County vital stats name at least three of Marshall and Jane Snyder Gregg's children, William Anderson who died in 1929 at the age of 73, Joseph Gregg who also died in 1929 at the age of 54 and Mary Elizabeth Clark, died in 1947 at the age of 64.

In the 1910 Polk County Census William E. and Ollie E. Harmon Snyder, married ten years had children Chassie, 8; James W., 6; Theodore R., 4; and Julian P., 2 (Gladys L. and George are born by 1920.) His brother, James R. and Josie Snyder, married 3 years, had two children, John H., age 2 and Lizzie, 6 months. William E. and James R., are both living next door to their parents 68 year old William R. and Elizabeth married 49 years, who also have a 16 year old unnamed McCracken granddaughter in their household.

We're not sure just what son, Fetzer, did to evoke his father William R.'s wrath, but the will says he is to receive only $10 from the estate " . . . on account of unjust and undue treatment of his Father in assisting others to bring disgrace upon him."

George Fetzer Snider married Sarah E. McLain in Murray County, Georgia on November 22, 1882. Sarah was born April 5, 1861 (died October 27, 1890) and had 4 children:
Henry D., born August 8, 1883 (died March 24, 1963) married Creda Longley and had children Paul H. and Julia Ruth,
Zeffie M. married A. C. Brown and had children, Norris Edward, Esta Marie, Dorothy, Winston Eugene, Ruth Lee, Mildred Grace and Virginia Frances.
William B.
Horace F., born January 29, 1889 (died February 19, 1989) married Grace Thurman and had children: Margery born 1911, Geneva, born 1914, Sarah F. born 1917, and twins Betty Jo and Billie Ann, born 1926.

Fetzer Snyder married 2nd Nancy Ellen Yates, born January 9, 1852, (died February 5, 1925) and had three children, Easter May, Lee and an infant that died. (Nancy had also been married before.)

Fetzer married 3rd Otsie Armstrong, born April 10, 1885 (died May 19, 1961). She was the daughter of Lantz and Martha Armstrong and grew up living next door to Fetzer and Nancy Ellen Snyder.

Fetzer's father, William R. served in the Civil War, one records says he was a Pvt. in the 37th Infantry and another says he was a Cpl., E. Co. 4th TN Cav. from December 5, 1862 until July 12, 1865. Both could be correct, as it was common to change outfits several times during the war.

Fetzer's mother, Elizabeth James Snyder, was born in Georgia and her parents were born in North Carolina. That is probably her widowed mother, Nancy James, who is living with them in the 1870 census. Elizabeth and William are buried in Shiloh Church Cemetery and the inscription says she was born July 15, 1841, died March 25, 1926. William R. was born July 16, 1841, died December 11, 1923. There are quite a few other Snyder family members buried in Shiloh Cemetery.

The 1850, '60 and 70 Polk County census shows one more generation back on the Snider line: John, age 50, and Sarah Snider, age 40, appear in the Polk County 1850 census with children Catherine, age 17; Anderson 15; William R., 10; Elizabeth, 13; Jane, 8; John Westley, 3; James, 1; and George, 1. (Joseph and Martha are born by 1860.) Some census records indicate that John and Sarah may both have been born in Virginia, but others just say Tennessee.

By 1860 Anderson is married to Martha and has a 2-year-old daughter, Jane. They are living next door to his parents, John and Sarah. John Westley, son of John and Sarah Snyder married Julia Caldwell, born February 2, 1847 the daughter of William M. and Mary 'Polly' Morrison Caldwell. Julia's siblings, according to the 1850 and '60 Polk County Census are Nancy, Isaac and Thomas Jefferson. John W. and Julia Snyder are in household #26 1870 Polk County census with children, Dolphus, born 1868 and Mary Y., born 1870. They're living next door to her mother and two brothers. Julia migrated to Texas about 1878 with several other families from Polk County, died August 12, 1890 at age 43 years 6 months and 11 days and is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Parker County Texas.

It is not known what happened to Julia's husband, James Westley Snyder or the children, Dolphus and Mary Y. If they died in Polk County, they are apparently buried in unmarked graves. Anyone having information on this family is asked to share with us if you will, please.

It's possible that Isabella Snider, in the Polk County 1840 census, is also related, but we have no proof; there were no males in the household, but a female under the age of 5, one between 5 and 9, one between 15 and 19 and apparently the mother, in the 30 to 40 age range.

There were several Snider families that moved into Blount County around the turn of the century, a John Snider being documented around 1799 and also in 1819. Whether this is our 1850 Polk County John Snider is not known. A 62 year old William Thomas Snider is in Bradley County by 1850 and his son George names a son Cal, the same as 'our' John Calvin, which suggests a relationship.

McMinn County Sniders

An early Snider family was living in neighboring McMinn County, TN and is more than likely related since there were few families by that name in our area. An article from the Sudie Clemmer Scrapbooks with no source or date says:

"Robinson Montgomery Snider, a Trustee of McMinn County 1860 - 1864 was born in Tuckaleechee Cove, Blount County, TN on June 8, 1809 and died March 3, 1887 in McMinn. He was one of seven children of Peter Snider born 1776 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and his wife, Mary 'Polly' Montgomery, born February 16, 1777 in Ireland, George Snider, born in Wurenberg Germany ca. 1733 and Elizabeth Pence, born 1746 in Pennsylvania were the parents of Peter. They were among the earliest settlers in what is now Blount County, Tennessee. Indian attacks were frequent then and the settlers often had to take refuge in the several forts built for protection. Tradition is that the Peter Snider family was living at Fort Henry and Mary Montgomery's family was at Fort Gamble when the couple married. The house Peter Snider built in Tuckaleechee Cove in 1801 or a little later still stands. Peter was a farmer and storekeeper and learned enough of the Cherokee language to trade with the Indians. He was an ensign in the Revolutionary War and received his commission June 16, 1801. He died February 21, 1867 and Mary died March 26, 1869. Both are buried in the Myers Cemetery in Townsend, Tennessee.
Robinson Snider married March 3, 1831 in Blount County to Retty Stanton, a daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Smith Stanton, and within a few years moved to McMinn County and settled in Mt. Verd community. Land there was purchased from Tidence Lane. Robinson Snider's brother, Moses Snider, born April 4, 1804 and married there in 1826 to Phoebe Roddy, moved to McMinn and settled on a farm nearby. The two brothers had large families, thus are the ancestors of many McMinn and Polk County citizens.

The children of Robinson and Retty Stanton Snider were:
Robinson Montgomery, Jr., who married Martha Guthrie
*George W. born November 12, 1833 married November 11, 1867 to Susan E. Denton, daughter of John and Sarah Jane Dean Denton. John died at the Battle of Vicksburg.
Peter F., who moved to Texas in bitterness over the outcome of the Civil War.
4. *See article # 1111 on child No. 2, George W. Snider in the McMinn County Heritage book.
Also see articles No. 985, 986 and 987 in the Heritage of Blount County, Tennessee on the Peter Snider family. Lewis B., married Sallie Hale and moved to Arkansas.
Mary L. married L. P. Guinn.
Sarah, born January 2, 1844, married Thomas Ensminger.
Martha married Pryor L. Foster.
Margaret J.
Moses A. did not marry.
Charles M., married Susan Gouldy.
John Henry, died in infancy.

Snyders in "The Resting Places: Cemetery Inscriptions of Polk County, Tennessee"
by Jo Ann Finnell
Snyders Buried in Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery:
Snyder, Elizabeth - July 15, 1841 / March 25, 1926; d/s with William R. (Mother)
Snyder, William R. - July 16 1841 / December 11, 1923; d/s with Elizabeth (Father)
Snyder Dearis B. - June 29, 1911 / June 25, 1985; d/s with Irene G.
Snyder, Irene G. - August 25, 1912 / March 3, 1997; married October 3, 1931
Snyder, George A., - September 20, 1916 / October 18, 1982; Pvt. US Army, WW II
Snyder, Lillie Mae (Green) - March 13, 1925 / __________; married October 14, 1944
Snyder, G. F. - August 23, 1861 / January 4, 1943; (Father)
Snyder, Grace T. - December 18, 1891 / May 9, 1976; d/s with Horace
Snyder, Horace F. - January 29, 1889 / February 19, 1989; d/s with Grace T
. Snyder, Henry D. - August 8, 1883 / March 24, 1963
Snyder, James R. - November 19, 1878 / February 5, 1952; d/s with Josie V.
Snyder, Josie V. (Brown) - March 22, 1878 / June 24, 1939; d/s with James R.
Snyder, John H. - November 5, 1907 / May 14, 1967; son of James and Josie V.
Snyder, Rev. Julian P. - April 14, 1908 / August 20, 2000
Snyder, Luther M. - September 20, 1891 / April 8, 1981; d/s with Maggie H.
Snyder, Maggie Howard - June 29, 1891 / March 28, 1983; d/s with Luther M.
Snyder, Ollie Harmon - August 14, 1881 / March 25, 1965; d/s with William E.
Snyder, William E. - October 1, 1868 / May 22, 1848; d/s with Ollie Harmon
Snyder, Pamela Sue - September 16, 1947 / May 9, 1998
Snyder, Theodore R. - August 6, 1905 / April 8, 1997; Cpl. US Army WW II

Snyders Buried in Cumberland Shed Cemetery:
Snider, Infant - October 12, 1890 / November 13, 1890; d/o Fetzer and Sarah E.
Snider, Sarah E. Martin - April 5, 1861 / October 27, 1890; 1st wife of Geo. Fetzer Snyder
Snyder, Lee - November 12, 1893 / October 12, 1905; s/o G. Fetzer & Nancy E. Snyder
Snyder, Nancy Ellen Yates - January 9, 1852 / February 5, 1925; 2nd wife of G. F. Snyder
Snyder, (John) Calvin - died October 31, 1917 age 42; s/o W. R. and Elizabeth Snyder (no stone now)

Snyders Buried in Benton Memorial Gardens:
Snyder, Mae Magalene - April 2, 1930 / March 29, 1999; d/s with Paul Z.
Snyder, Paul Z. - July 4, 1925 / ; d/s with Mae Magalene

Snyders buried in Cookson Creek Cemetery:
Snyder, Creta Lou - November 11, 1886 / March 27, 1976; (Longley)

Snyder Marriages in Polk County, Tennessee 1894 - 1970
Snyder, Cora married J. W. Watson on February 14, 1897 by W. H. Rymer, MG
Snyder, Henry married Creda Longly on December 24, 1905 by W. H. Rymer, MG
Snyder, J. R. married Jossie Brown on January 27, 1907 by W. B. Watkins, MG
Snyder, James E. married Thelma C. Heifner on December 24, 1927 by F. D. Higgins, JP
Snyder, Jim W., married Effa Fay Mantooth on July 2, 1929 by T. M. Hicks, MG
Snyder, Luther, married Maggie Howard on September 4, 1910 by Isaac A. McClary, MG
Snyder, Mag, married S. M. Bain on October 29, 1911 by S. T. Tye, JP
Snyder, Mattie, married J. K. Johnson on March 30, 1902 by D. N. Crumley, MG
Snyder, Ora married Arthur Hays on December 5, 1913 by I. A. McClary, MG
Snyder, Paul married Beulah Davis on June 18, 1932 by B.P. Kincaid, MG
Snyder, Robert married Lola Pollard on September 26, 1925 by L. N. Marr, MG
Snyder, W. E. married Ollie Harmon on January 3, 1901 by W. H. Rymer, MG
Snyder, Zeffie, married C. A. Brown on January 27, 1907 by Isaac A. McClary, MG

Snyder Family Bible Records

The following information is from the George Fetzer Snyder family Bible published by A. J. Holman & Co., 20th Century Edition, 1903. The Bible is in the possession of his granddaughter, Betty Snyder Curbow who so graciously shared with us. Info in parentheses is our addition and not recorded in the Bible.

G. F. Snyder, born Ocoee, TN August 23, 1861; married Nov. 22, 1882; died January 4, 1943.
Sarah F. McClain, b. Fashion, GA April 5, 1861 (wife of George Fetzer Snyder) d. Oct. 27, 1890
Henry Snyder, born Fashion, GA Aug. 8, 1883; m. December 24, 1905; (d. March 24, 1963.)
Zeffie M. Snyder, b. Fashion, GA September 10, 1884; m. Dec. 27, 1906; (d. July 10, 1983)
Will B. Snyder, born Ocoee, TN May 4, 1887; died April 15, 1939
Horace F. Snyder, born Old Fort, TN January 29, 1889; married Dec. 22, 1909; d. Feb. 19, 1989
Lue Snyder, born Old Fort, TN October 12, 1890; died Nov. 12, 1890

Last Will and Testament of William Snyder
(Probated February Term, 1924)

I, William R. Snyder, a citizen of Polk County, Tennessee and of sound mind and memory do hereby make my last will and testament, so help me God. Amen
First: I will and bequeath my soul to God who gave it.
Second: I will and bequeath all my real estate and personal property, after my burial expenses and just debts are paid, to my wife, Elizabeth Snyder during her natural life.
Third: I will and bequeath that all of my real estate and personal property, after the death of my wife, be equally divided between the following named heirs. W. E. Snyder, J. C. Snyder, Leander Snyder, J. R. Snyder, Mary McCracken, Mattie C. Johnson and Cora T. (Mrs. J. W.) Watson.
Fourth: I will also that the above named heirs, if possible, mutually agree and divide all the household and kitchen furniture equally without a sale.
Fifth: I will and request that all my personal property not heretofore mentioned be advertised in the Cleveland Herald for 30 days and sold to the highest bidder and the money be equally divided between the seven heirs above named.
Sixth: I will and bequeath that after all is sold and money paid in to my executors that my son, Fetzer Snyder be paid ($10) ten dollars as his part of my estate on account of unjust and undue treatment of his Father in assisting others to bring disgrace upon him.
Seventh: I will and request that my sons, W. E. and J. R., Snyder be permitted to live on and tend my farm for a few years, not exceeding four, and after four years, I will that W. E., and J. R. Snyder buy my farm at a reasonable price if they so wish to purchase and the money for the farm be equally divided with the 5 heirs heretofore named.
Eighth: I hereby will select, nominate and appoint W. E. Snyder and J. K. Johnson my executors, and will that they carry this will out to the letter.
Ninth: I also hereby revoke all wills and parts of wills made by me heretofore.

In testimony whereof I subscribe my name in the presents of the undersigned witnesses, on this 19th day of September 1905.
Signed: William R. Snyder
Witnesses: J. R. Rice
Mattie Johnson
J. R. Snyder


I, W. R. Snyder, being of sound mind and disposing memory, having in view the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, wish to amend the will attached dated September 19, 1905.
First: Inasmuch as Mattie C. Johnson died without bodily heirs, I will that her husband, J. K. Johnson, receive no part in my estate, neither personal or real.
Second: I will that his name, J. K. Johnson as one of the executors of said will be stricken off, and that the name of Lee Snyder be substituted.
In testimony whereof I have on this the 28th day of March, 1921 subscribed my name in the presence of J. R. Snyder and T. W. Lowery.

Signed: W. R. Snyder
Attests: J. R. Snyder, T. W. Lowery